Diamond Empowerment Fund to Host Diamonds Do Good Awards Gala in Las Vegas

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New York, NY; November 10, 2015 — The Diamond Empowerment Fund announces the Diamonds Do Good Awards Gala to be held in Las Vegas on June 2, 2016, the eve of the opening of the JCK Show. The event will honor industry leaders and companies that have made an outstanding contribution to improve the quality of life of people in diamond communities throughout the world.

This bigger, bolder, and broadened event will celebrate and highlight inspirational stories and the people who have made a positive difference in their communities, both locally and globally. Award categories will represent a broad cross section of the industry, as well as companies, trendsetters and influencers.

The Diamonds Do Good Awards Gala will encompass the GOOD Awards previously held in January in New York City. Says co-founder Dr. Benjamin Chavis, “this global event will epitomize and salute the achievements of the many individuals who have helped transform our world into a better place by doing good.”

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