The Diamond Empowerment Fund believes that education is a key component to sustainable development, which in turn is essential to empower individuals, communities, and society toward future economic prosperity, stability and advancement.

In early 2014, the Board of Directors of D.E.F. unanimously voted to expand the mission of the Diamond Empowerment Fund to a global scope and to broaden our programs and beneficiaries to reflect the collective good that the industry is doing throughout the world.

D.E.F. currently supports the following recipients: the African Leadership Academy (ALA), the Diamond Development Initiative’s Mobile School Program, the Botswana Top Achievers Program, Veerayatan’s Colleges of Pharmacy, Engineering & Business Administration and the Flaviana Matata Foundation!

African Leadership Academy (ALA)

The African Leadership Academy is a two-year pre-university program based in South Africa with a student body representing all 54 countries in Africa. ALA was founded with the belief that ethical leadership is the key to sustainable development on the continent. Currently, D.E.F. provides scholarships to all students from diamond producing countries. Upon these students’ completion of their undergraduate studies, they return to Africa to contribute to its economic and social empowerment.

Botswana Top Achievers Program

Based in Gaborone and administered by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, the Botswana Top Achievers Program supports the highest-achieving students from across the country in the pursuit of careers that are of strategic importance in driving the economic diversification of the government of Botswana. The fields of study for the scholarships include Finance, Business, Engineering, Medical Health, ICT and Science.The young graduates then return to Botswana to work in leadership positions in government and business sectors of society.

With the purchase of every Diamonds in the Sky Las Vegas ticket, journal ad, or sponsorship, you can provide school supplies, textbooks, or school fees for students from diamond producing countries. Watch the videos below to learn more about DEF Scholars!

Veerayatan’s Colleges of Pharmacy, Engineering & Business Administration

Veerayatan is the first educational institution in India to receive funding from the Diamond Empowerment Fund. Veerayatan was chosen because of its innovative approach to education, which has made a difference in the quality of life of thousands of students. D.E.F. is thrilled to support the Veerayatan Colleges of Pharmacy, Engineering & Business Administration.

Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)

The Diamond Empowerment Mobile School will give twenty-five children a chance at a brighter future. It will be one of eight planned schools developed by the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI). Mobile schools consist of traveling teachers and portable materials that are brought to a mining community for a condensed school year. These communities are in remote locations where children, particularly girls, would not otherwise have full access to education.

The Flaviana Matata Foundation

Founded by fashion model and former Miss Universe Tanzania, The Flaviana Matata Foundation empowers young orphan girls through education, skills training and micro-finance projects in Tanzania; seeking to create a future by improving livelihoods among the youth.