Diamonds Do Good Community Stewardship Award

The world’s leading diamond mining company in terms of total carats produced, ALROSA has been a steward of the community since the discovery of a Kimberlite diamond pipe in 1955 brought thousands to the otherwise barren region. Given the name of ‘Mir’ the Russian word for ‘peace’ it is now home to 35,000 people. ALROSA makes community responsibility one of their company pillars and go beyond providing necessary infrastructure for workers and their families. Each year they dedicate 3% of their revenue for social and economic development across the region and charity projects. This includes supporting education and culture, offering healthcare, rehabilitation, housing, culture and sports activities for the people of Yakutia.

Luxury Jewelers Resource Group

Diamonds Do Good Community Building Award

Established in 2005, the LJRG is a consortium of 12 independent family-owned jewelry retailers across 20 states. The principals are well respected within the industry as much for their business acumen as for their community and philanthropic involvement.  The group is unique in that they regularly meet to connect on challenges and opportunities that affect their individual businesses as well as the industry at-large.  The principals hold themselves to the highest standards and remain committed to maintaining the integrity of their diamonds.  A consistent link between each member is their strong belief in building the community around where they do business. From empowering young girls through Girl’s Inc. to supporting women’s shelters, the homeless, cultural arts and education initiatives, the group’s members epitomize the generosity of the industry.

The banners under this group include Bachendorf’s, Bruce G. Weber, Diamond Cellar, Hamilton Jewelers, Hyde Park Jewelers, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, London Jewelers, Lux Bond & Green, Mann’s Jewelers, Reis-Nichols Jewelers, Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, and Tivol.

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